About us



Zorka Opeka started working in 1977. and has been operating successfully for over 40 years. The basis for successful work is innovation. Zorka Opeka is dedicated to finding the best and most efficient solutions for construction and energy efficiency.

In addition to the ventilation blocks and facade program, in 2008 Zorka Opeka launched the KLIMABLOC production line, which has since been sold both on the domestic market and exported to the countries of the region and the EU. The products have all the technical specifications of the European Union standards and provide security for the investor.

Our own clay mines and the introduced strict technological procedure provide the basis for the quality and stability of the business, which provides us with a long-term, partnership relationship with professionals in the business and provides an excellent recommendation from a large number of satisfied investors. Klimabloc is the first real energy-efficient product that has European quality certificates.

Recently, we often hear the term “energy efficiency” and the first thing that comes to mind is energy savings, reduced heating and cooling costs, renewable energy sources. Although we mention saving, energy efficiency does not mean giving up and living in a worse environment, but the exact opposite – living in harmony with nature where living conditions are improved and improved.

In order for the building to be energy efficient, it is necessary to take a number of different measures in order to reduce heat losses. The most common heat losses are through inadequate thermal insulation of the floor, facade wall, and roof, through inadequately selected heating and cooling systems.

If, by careful and smart selection of the above-mentioned positions, we also use intelligent management systems and an adequate building system, the building achieves a better energy class, heat loss is prevented and the required energy for heating and cooling is reduced.